I love the feeling of overwhelming you

If you love someone, love it like you love yourself.

Loving the person you love with all your heart, will you get heartfelt love too.

If you hurt someone you loved, then will you get the pain.

Just dump the man you loved, then will you get the sense it.

Everyone needs love and affection, because the human heart was created from love and love it.

Love is like the melodious strains of the song, you sing with all my heart the love would be worth if not the opposite.

Give if you can give, because if it was just not there then you’ll regret it.

Open your hands to give, do not you go to ask.

True love would you feel if you knew the true meaning of love.

The meaning of love depends on people who feel, because love can not be imposed.

You’ll know how important the sense of love, if you’ve been hurt by love.

Just follow the flow path of love, then will you gain eternal love life.


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