Indonesian Students struggle increasingly threatened

Moving and united into a new Indonesia …, that the spoken words as the spirit of the struggle for freedom deserve the right to life, right to remind the government in carrying out his work in Indonesia to build a better nation, a new and dignified.
Let us together called “independent”. To be in this painful life there is no deception and colonization.
Indonesia had been an epidemic 60 independent from Dutch and Japanese colonial rule for 60 years but also our nation colonized by Indonesia itself, fooled, betrayed and dipecundangi …, it’s not irony. One blood, cypress homeland, a language and a spirit to escape from the colonization of our independence but reversed even more pressure, massacres, extortion and other invaders like Dutch and Japanese.
Demonstration of the community said today as a form of anarchism, forms of violence from the students, especially students. And that’s for the good of society as well. Not a goal for the students themselves but for the public interest. Please remember, that life without the struggle for freedom means the struggle against forms of oppression. Are not you all see and feel that the oil fuel (BBM) up and did not rule out the need of basic commodities will also rise. How is not possible if the seller bought staple food materials in a car or motorcycle. if it is so whether we should be silent when we are food shortages due to lack of cash income. So revenue by spending more of their spending.
My analysis says that if one of the heads of households with highest income 2,000,000 dollars, with family members of 3 children and 1 wife.
Needs ie:

1. Eat, to eat a day he now spend 50,000, – with details of her three children pocket money after school until 20.000, – cost his father 20.000, – without food and 20,000, – to eat his mother’s shopping for one day.
2. If the day he took out money with a constant multiplied by 50,000 per day so 30 days became 1.500.000, —
3. The cost of household electricity for 200,000 rupiah
4. The third school fees for 350,000 rupiah children
5. The need for 200,000 rupiah toiletries

So, if the aggregated total of 2,050,000. minus 50.000, —
imagine for a family who has enough money, still lacks the money 50,000 and the other suffering. Especially if the family finances have less or no income at all. How luck! certainly suffer … not happy, not eating, not to feed her children and suffering of others.
Then, if we did not say anything because we have sufficient material and to see people below average we turn away and feel do not want to know …
What we do now is how to remember the suffering of the government of the people. Students not perfunctory demonstrations or part of it. Because we are aware that there are still people and or lots of people that suffer. Students are not Belaga be a hero but a hero indeed.

Anarchism is not for students, but because students are not given permission to enter into talking to the government.

Well, now growing image that the students blamed the unrest, blamed congestion, and also blamed troublemakers. Government ruse to preach to the media is naive. Students come to protest and remind the government and also students wanted to convey the aspirations of the community. But, confronted the police brigadier brigadier, who has plenty of weapons.

Turbulence between students with the police as a shield from the government side made fierce clash for survival of democracy today. How not, if every time if you want to meet with the head of government both the executive and legislative intercepted and chased like a criminal master class …

so, now for all of us to all the people of Indonesia continue to eager to achieve a democratic form of power, emancipatory, morals, love people, and certainly not increase oil and friends …



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