Method Zigsaw

This method I will describe a little, how to run the methods of learning techniques in spurring a child in a good performance …

for the teachers, can do it yourself and not dangerous .. hehehe, only the rapid progress of your students.

Zigsaw done in groups and in the group consisting of 4 members. Teachers then share the question in each group and the problem consists of 4 essay questions. After a given problem, the four problems are distributed ketiap each member of the group .., if it consists of 4 members, each member get each 1 question. Each question that was given to each of its members worked very well. If the matter has done so in accordance with the accumulated problems because the number of each group .. [about the number one collected by another number one from the other groups] Once collected in accordance with the numbers because, then each member to present the answer .. Starting with members of the working Question 1 presented the answers matter. If you’ve presented and teachers decide what the appropriate response. If it is decided the next presentation with question number 2, then the same as the number-one presentations. until the completion of the last number. Kalo is complete, then the answers each question in another collected in accordance with the group …

zigsaw methods implemented so hopefully can help to promote creativity in teaching teachers .. amien.


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