Student Directed Strategies

Today many teachers are not appreciated, they took pains to make Indonesian children to be clever and intelligent with a high capacity. Teachers do not expect a reward, but the teachers need a higher appreciation than any other job. Our grandparents, our parents, our brothers, our sisters, our brothers and our friends to be people who can count and read. All because of a teacher who, without constantly educate us until we can read and count. Teachers are also parents who worked hard to educate us from zero until we know everything.

Education for a country is important because with the technology that is increasingly sophisticated then any education should be increased. This increase started from teacher professionalism in educating students to be smart, it was not separated from its supporting facilities such as tools and media learning materials. Professionalism of teachers views of how teachers conduct class learning to his students and learning methods used.

Today many teachers who only speak in class and students have had only stayed in school without any activity that makes them active. For from it, needed a method of supporting their activity in the classroom.

A lot of teaching methods offered by the experts present, but only some effective teaching methods to be used. Among the methods incorporated in the ACTIVE LEARNING, learning focused on students so that students become active not passive anymore is SDS (Student Directed Strategies). This SDS makes teachers and supervisors to support learning and make students as the main character in the learning.

SDS method was never tested in mathematics and high school levels, and the results were satisfactory. The students are happy with the methods that differ from the other like this SDS. They expect the SDS can be used in schools both at primary school / MI, SMP / MTS, and SMA / MA.

The basis of this SDS is to work in a group, but not the usual group learning.

SDS work this way, among others:

1. Students can be divided among several groups that consist of 3-5 students,
2. Then the teacher before making worksheets for groups of 5-10 questions to be done by each group,
3. Worksheet is divided into several rounds and each round in the given time workmanship for 15-30 minutes
4. Once students are ready in each group of teachers share the worksheet and allow time for 15-30 minutes each rondenya to do, this round can be as much
5. When finished the first round proceed to the next round, until the class period ends
6. Before the class ended, leaving the teacher should take about 15 minutes to discuss and give conclusions

With this teaching method, we can make students active, creative, and innovative. However, effective methods and attract only a few that can increase the active student. You can try this method of SDS in the school you want, the less you can own kreatifkan accordance with students’ abilities.


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